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Chinaorgcn immersion article

US-based educational leaders learn about Chinese schools

With Mandarin as one of the leading languages in the world, many educational groups are making an effort to promote cross-cultural cooperation between schools in China and the rest of the world.

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Nicholas Negroponte talks digital tech in Beijing-

Nicholas Negroponte, a world-renowned American architect and computer scientist, addressed the rise and future of technology and its impact on the world at a conference hosted by Baidu, Inc., at Guo Mao Hotel in Beijing on Wednesday.

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Foreign photographers to capture the essence of Beijing-

On Monday afternoon, 10 photographers from several foreign countries gathered at the Summer Palace in Beijing for the 15th annual inaugural ceremony of the World Photographers' View of Beijing.

Nanotech article

Engineer promotes China-South Korea nanotech research - China ...

Imagine going to the doctor's office for a seasonal flu shot, but not having to feel an ounce of pain from the injection because the needle is so tiny. That is the power of nanotechnology, and one mechanical engineer is working to mass-produce nano-sized materials through research and cross-border collaboration.

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Mark Levine's memoir opens a window into China -

When friends and relatives responded in their letters to Mark Levine, a US country music artist and sociologist, about his travel experiences in China and told him he should write a book, Mark didn't take the suggestion seriously.

"Nah," he said. "Just what we need, another book by another foreigner."

But Mark isn't just another foreigner. He's lived in China for nine years as an English professor and singer/writer of more than 60 original songs about life in China.

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Mark Levine blends Western, Chinese culture -

In 2005, American sociologist Mark Levine stepped onto China's soil for the first time to start a new English teaching job at Huaiyin Teachers College in Huai'an, Jiangsu Province. Having lived in large, metropolitan cities in the United States for most of his life and spent the last 30 years as a full-time labor and community organizer, he was looking for something different.