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The Daily Tar Heel :: The light of Laura Rozo

A basket filled with colorful heart stickers. A bulletin board buried under note cards written with words made out of love. A picture frame of a beautiful woman with her hands outstretched and these words printed on the left: “Death is not a threat, but the condition that maximizes my life.”

The Daily Tar Heel :: Herbs aren’t just for cooking

The next time you catch a cold, buy a pear. Any old pear will do, but the Chinese “duck pear” is the hacking cough’s worst enemy, as I recently learned.

The Daily Tar Heel :: In China, look before you eat

Chicken feet. Eel. Pigeon. It’s barely been three days since I landed in China, and I’ve already had the pleasure of tasting these delicacies.

The Daily Tar Heel :: Work-study up by 10 percent from last year

Though lines of students weren’t spilling out the doors of Vance Hall this year, more students received work-study awards than in recent years.

The Daily Tar Heel :: Kenan-Biddle Partnership receives 40 fewer applications this year

In its second year, the Kenan-Biddle Partnership has seen a significant drop in interest. The program, which encourages collaboration between UNC and Duke University through grants of $5,000 each, attracted about 50 applicants this year.

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The Daily Tar Heel :: UNC professor advises African governments

When public policy professor Sudhanshu “Ashu” Handa stands in front of a class, he teaches more than just theory.

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The Daily Tar Heel :: UNC's Panhellenic Council elects new president

Ana Samper isn’t looking to make radical changes to the Panhellenic Council. Samper, who was elected president of the council Monday night, said she will instead focus her efforts on perfecting projects implemented this year.