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Her Campus

A Closer Look at Skinny-Shaming and Body Image | Her Campus

People have always told me that I’m “blessed” to have a tiny waist and a fast metabolism. Back in high school, friends would pick me up and say I was as light as a feather. We’d squeeze four people in the backseat of a car because I barely counted as one. Adults told me to enjoy my small frame now because “it won’t stay like that forever.”

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Her Campus

Why the Word 'Partner' is Better Than 'Boy/Girlfriend'

Rather than focusing on whether or not your significant other is a boy or a girl, “partner” indicates that you two are a couple that’s mutually committed to one another in multiple ways. Although sex may be a major factor in preserving romantic interests, it’s definitely not the only thing makes a relationship successful. The word “partner” honors that.

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Her Campus

7 Ways to Make UNC's Class of 2014 Feel Old | Her Campus

Being a senior means you’ve got honors theses and capstone courses to worry about. It means worrying about the looming job prospects and the graduate school interviews. On top of that, we must try to remember to “live in the moment” and savor what’s left of college. As graduation comes closer and closer, it’s easy to start reminiscing about the events that helped define our time at UNC.